About Us

Vinod & Narendra, a Chartered Accountants firm founded in 1950 by Mr. Vinod R. Shah and Mr. Narendra C. Mehta, embodies a commitment to ethics and excellence. Rooted in a legacy that values technically robust advice and effective representation, our philosophy centers around maintaining the highest professional standards. We continuously evolve by incorporating the latest best practices in tax laws, audits, and business advisory services.

Established in 1950 by the visionary duo, Vinod & Narendra has smoothly transitioned across generations, preserving its commitment to continuity. The second generation, led by Mr. Jyotish M Shah, built upon the foundation laid by its founders, and the current third generation, under Mr. Shaleen Shah, combines experience with fresh perspectives. This blend allows us to adapt to the evolving landscape of tax laws, audits, and business advisory services.

The enduring goodwill of Vinod & Narendra reflects not only the founders’ professional excellence but also the adaptability of successive leadership. Proud of our heritage, we strive to provide clients with solutions that meet contemporary tax and business requirements. As custodians of a valued tradition, our current leadership remains dedicated to position the firm as a trusted partner for its clients.

Vinod & Narendra provides specific services in Direct and Indirect Taxation advisory, compliance, and litigation, as well as Audit & Assurance services. Apart from traditional areas, our services extend to strategic management advisory services. Notably, our firm stands out for its expertise in succession planning, addressing both personal estate and business succession.

Serving clients across diverse sectors, such as Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Finance & Banking, IT/ITES, Tourism & Entertainment, our firm brings knowledge to meet industry-specific challenges. Our clientele, ranging from MNCs and Indian blue-chip companies to startups, HNIs, NRIs, Trusts, AOPs & Family Offices, underscores our ability to cater to a broad spectrum of needs. The unwavering dedication to building enduring relationships is reflected in an exceptionally high client retention rate, solidifying Vinod & Narendra’s position as a trusted partner and collaborator in the intricate realms of tax laws, audits, and business advisory.

The Partners

Jyotish M Shah

Jyotish M Shah, a distinguished Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and an alumni of the reputed HL College of Commerce, brings over four decades of seasoned expertise in the domain of direct taxation.

As a torchbearer of the second generation leadership at Vinod & Narendra, he has honed his craft to specialize primarily in Direct Taxes advisory and litigation. His deep-seated understanding and adept handling of complex tax matters have rendered him an invaluable asset to his clientele, comprising a diverse array of corporations and individuals.

His contributions extend beyond the confines of his professional endeavors. His erudition finds expression in his insightful columns and articles published in esteemed publications, demonstrating his commitment to knowledge dissemination and thought leadership in the industry.

He has served as a committee member in professional bodies and lent his expertise as a Finance Committee Member at prominent institutions including the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sports Club of Gujarat Ltd., and Rajpath Club Ltd.

Outside of his professional commitments, Jyotish epitomizes the spirit of philanthropy, as Past President at Lions Club (Digvijaynagar) contributing to societal welfare and community development.

Shaleen Shah

Shaleen Shah, is the third generation Managing Partner at the Firm, Vinod & Narendra. He brings over 25 years of experience in the field, specializing in taxation, audit, and advisory services.

With a focus on both direct and indirect taxation, Shaleen provides well researched advice on transactional, compliance and litigation matters. He has also led and certified audits for companies across different industries.

Beyond traditional services, Shaleen offers particular expertise in succession planning for both personal estates and business succession. His insights extend to harnessing technology for business workflow automation, mentoring startups, corporate strategy, and other critical areas of business management.

Shaleen is a respected figure in the professional community, having contributed articles to journals and newsletters. He has also served as a committee member of professional bodies.

Besides, Shaleen is an alumnus of the reputed HL College of Commerce, and AIESEC, an international student organisation. In addition to his professional commitments, Shaleen is deeply committed to philanthropic causes, serving as Trustee & Advisor to charitable institutions.




    • Chartered Accountant started practice in 1950 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
    • Worked as Chairman, Committee Member, Office Bearer of various Committees & Sub-Committees of WIRC.
    • Former President of Income Tax Bar Association, Ahmedabad
    • Former President of Chartered Accountant Association, Ahmedabad
    • Former Hon. Secretary of ITAT Bar Association

    Service Activities:

    • Former President of Lions Club (Ahmedabad Main)
    • Consumer Activist as a founding member and Former Chairman of Consumer Protection Council


    • Chartered Accountant started practice in 1950 at Ahmedabad and later practiced from Mumbai.
    • Authored books on Bombay and Central Sales Tax Acts.
    • Regularly contributed articles on direct and indirect tax and commercial laws in Vyapar, Gujarati Bi-weekly of Janmabhoomi Group of Newspapers and on sales tax law in Economic Times and Financial Express.
    • Lectured on Sales Tax at various national & regional conferences and seminars
    • Read paper on VAT vis-a-vis Sales Tax in the Western India Regional Conference of Chartered Accountants of India way back in September 1977.
    • Contributed articles and papers on indirect tax matters in various journals.
    • First editor of Sales Tax Review published by Sales Tax Practitioners’ Association of Maharashtra since Nov. 1956.
    • Founder President of All India Federation of Tax Practitioners from 1976 till 1983.
    • Worked as Chairman of Sales Tax Sub-Committee of Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
    • Former member of the Sales Tax Advisory Committee appointed by the Maharashtra Government.
    • Drafted a Model – Sales Tax Law on behalf of FICCI.
    • Had been faculty for Training Programs for Senior Officers of the Sales Tax/Commercial Taxes Departments of various States, conducted by The National Institute of Public Finance & Policy, New Delhi.